to Piece of Peace

We are a diverse group of at-risk teenagers working to lift-up  all youth in our communities.


Colorado Crisis Services

Due to COVID-19 our office hours are temporarily suspended. We will update you when we reopen our doors.

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Hopes to Fill a Pack Project

Maxx, 16
Silt, Colorado 

Jacqueline, 17



Hopes to Fill a Pack Project began in November of 2019. Piece of Peace fills donated or made backpacks with everyday toiletries, necessities, clothes, and emergency contact numbers along with handwritten notes to assist displaced teens. The intention is to help these kids feel a sense of humanity and decency as well as feel seen.

Hey, my name is Maxx. I started Piece of Peace because I wanted to be there for kids who don't have anyone. Being an LGBTQ+ kid, my first thought when I came out was that I might get kicked out of my home and have no where to go. So, with Piece of Peace I wanted to created a community who could help other teens that could have been me.

Hi, my name is Jacqueline Gomez and I am a student at Yampah Mountain High School. I love helping others and that is why I decided to create Piece of Peace. This way I can help other kids that don't have someone to rely on.

Piece of Peace Shelter

Piece of Peace teens are committed to working towards creating a safe space and shelter for displaced teens in the region. Their hope is to create a facility where students can shelter for the night, access medical and mental health personnel, and find a sense of love and belonging.

Lizie, 18

Rifle, Colorado

I’m Lizie Stark and I’m a senior at Yampah Mountain High School. I joined Piece of Peace because I wanted to be a part of a movement, that, while it may not fix all negative situations, may make an impact on someone else’s hopefulness and happiness. I pray that we can touch many lives and help the mindsets of the youth.

Ashley, 17

Rifle, Colorado

My name is Ashley, I am a confused teenager. I am a senior at Yampah Mountain High School. I like to believe that I am creative and caring in my own way. The reason I'm involved in Piece of Peace is because I think it's really important for people to get help when they need it. And it's a nice thing to know and understand that you're not alone is such a damned world.

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695 Red Mountain Dr

Glenwood Springs, CO 81601



Piece of Peace staff are all high school students or teachers at Yampah Mountain High School

Wednesday and Friday

02:30 PM - 03:40 PM



1-844-493-8255 - Suicide Prevention 
1-888-373-2888 - National Human Trafficking

Emergency and Crisis Lines

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